The Economic Kitchen: “Al Masriya bil Hanna”



EL Masrya Bel hanna is a restaurant integrated in Palm Shadow Corner (village of Tunis, Fayoum) and a caterer structure in Nahia (Giza).

The idea for this initiative came from the EACD's vocational training project 'The Educational Kitchen' in El Marg.

The Association selected a suitable place and provided the necessary kitchen equipments.

There we trained several women the skills of serving all sorts of food, ranging from pastries to complete meals.

In this way women learn a new craft and are able to find jobs in the catering- sector.

Contact: Mina Zakaria:  01277573130

Palm Shadow Corne


Palm Shadow Corner is an installation generating incomes for EACD. This hotel complex is located in the heart of the village of Tunis (Fayoum Governorate), less than 100 km from Cairo. A breathtaking panorama of Lake Qarun and the desert that surrounds it still enhances the charm of this quaint little village recognized also for its pottery.

In the shade of palm trees, the possibility is offered to rent an apartment or a fully equipped kitchen in a corner of greenery and gardens restful villa. Ideal for holidays and weekends, family or professional, Palm Shadow Corner offers:

  • 4 apartments with a capacity of 4 persons each
  • 1 villa of 4 bedroom suitable for 6 people
  • A conference room with a capacity of nearly 30 people
  • Air conditioning, parking spaces for cars and buses, TV, free WiFi
  • Additional food services which can be provided by celebrity chef Mohammed Faouzi with prior approval
  • Opportunities for excursions on horseback or by car to visit the region
  • Advantageous prices for long term rentals and weekends

Contact : Nahed Naguib: 01222877238