In the last decade, progress has been made on the level of health in Egypt. The infant mortality rate declined during the last decade. Due to the increase of vaccinations, the mortality rate for children under five has also diminished. Maternal mortality during childbirth has declined but still remains too high, particularly in the rural zones. Women’s health still requires much attention, not least because 25% of childbirths occur in lamentable hygienic circumstances. While huge investments were made in the health sector last year, further efforts should be made to improve health services.

Health is one of the EACD's primary concerns. Therefore we regularly organize awareness-trainings on (reproductive) health, good nutrition and personal and public hygiene in all of our activity areas. In El Marg and Fayoum, we have our own health clinics that provide the population with medical services to all beneficiaries. In our attempt to establish a self-sustaining, integrated health program in our target areas, we focus on attaining four objectives:

  • Increase women’s health awareness, focusing on pregnancy stages and children’s health.
  • Implement medical treatment services by founding clinics for basic services to women and children, but also function as a training centre for CDA personnel and doctors.
  • Perform capacity building and offer technical support to local CDAs to increase their role in the development of health services, while building up a network among all the organizations.
  • Increase the beneficiares ’s self-reliance and responsibility in accessing health services.

Nutrition program of EACD

Nutrition program of EACD

The EACD originally conducted research on children’s health in the activity areas. In the El Marg area we discovered that more than 65% of children suffer from malnutrition and anaemia. Tha …

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