In a country that is predominantly desert, the Nile River provides the lifeblood for Egypt's population. With 96% of Egyptians living along the river, environmental issues are a central component of Egyptian life.

Economic development has placed great stress on Egypt's environment. Population density, combined with long-postponed infrastructure investments, has severely overwhelmed the water and wastewater services of urban areas, creating numerous environmental hazards. Environmental awareness is slowly increasing through government programs, policies and high-profile environmental conferences. Although many of Egypt's environmental programs are just beginning to gain momentum, the government's awareness-raising programs are preparing Egyptians to tackle their environmental challenges.

We have three innovative ecological programs running in Assiut :

 local small-scale charcoal industry

local small-scale charcoal industry

Due to old combustion techniques, harmful smoke and heavily pollute the soil and the air. Therefore the EACD has building environment-friendly Charcoal Burner Units in Sahel Selim that are also m …

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