By your donations

Donations are a precious resources for EACD. Regardless to the amount, it is a symbol of trust in EACD's work. The financial gestion of EACD is totally seamlessly. After donation, EACD keeps you informed of the financial management. If you have any questions regarding donations, please feel free to contact.


If you have always been interested in development and civil society and are eager to share your perspectives and visions, you can become a member of the EACD and take part in the monthly discussions of our General Assembly. Then, you only need to contact Nahed Naguib:

By being volunteer

vounteerEACD is nothing else than an active citizenship network made of workers and volunteers. This is the best way to help us, whether you’re volunteer a week, a month or a year. The EACD has opportunities for motivated people interested in working in the development sector. You can help as a teacher in one of our Kindergartens, volunteer as a doctor or nurse in our local health clinics or assist us in our head office in Cairo. The following application form is a free first contact. Do not hesitate !