Economic Development

Unemployment is one of the firsts preoccupation of the egyptian society. Every year, new job seekers enter a labor market hindered by a global and local economic slowdown and high population growth. Afflicted by the present economic situation, the majority of the population suffers from poverty, in addition to structural problems specific to each area. These problems commonly include a high unemployment rate, a lack of education services and the absence of infrastructure. EACD considers economic development to be essential for Egypt's comprehensive development. The mission is to alleviate poverty among residents of our working areas by:  

  • improving personal skills that allow local residents to reach self-dependency  
  • fighting unemployment by creating new economic opportunities 
  • raising the income of the population, especially youth and women  

The Association has several projects running in El Marg and Sahel Salim that aim to boost small business and financial independence in these marginalized poor areas.

Micro-credit Program

Micro-credit Program

In 1997 EACD  started a loan program  in Sahel Selim (Assiut). Now this is one of the main activity of the association. Through these loans many beneficiaries have effectively succeeded …

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